Moldex3D Viewer Builds up an Efficient Communication Platform

Moldex3D Viewer provides a complimentary tool for design professionals to communicate in the same language. Users can download Moldex3D Viewer from Moldex3D’s website and easily complete the installation, then export the analysis result from Moldex3D Project and save it as .RSV file, which is readable for Moldex3D Viewer. The .RSV file has smaller file size, comparing to Moldex3D Project file, and which makes transferring or storing files on mobile devices more efficient. Besides, the .RSV file will wrap up the whole analysis result so there won’t be anything missed during the exporting process. What’s more, users can export only important or desired information for further exchanging ideas or demonstrations.

For design teams, mold makers, engineers, executives, partners, and customers, Moldex3D Viewer provides a comprehensive communication platform and greatly helps them enhance the efficiency of design verification and optimization.

In order to create a user-friendly interface, Moldex3D Viewer developed a Wheel UI to navigate and select the desired post-processing functions, including clipping, slicing, iso-surface, and animation. Users can better control the clipping plane location and direction by directly dragging the clipping plane and plane normal control points. For slicing, the function property settings are organized in the “Properties page” frame. Users can determine the number of slicing planes in three axes by simply dragging the scroll bar.

Start experiencing the quick and easy Moldex3D Viewer by downloading it from our website.

Get Flexibility When Export Data 

  • Users can choose to only export the desired analysis results and prevent information overload.

User-Friendly Wheel Interface

  • Wheel UI contains five different result-viewing functions

Easy Control over Clipping Plane Location and Direction

  • The clipping plane movement can be easily controlled by dragging the mouse

  • The user-defined clipping plane is moved and rotated by the plane center control point and plane normal direction control point

  • The number of slicing planes can be set up in the “Properties Page” frame


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