How to Accurately Measure Product Dimension through Warpage Analysis

Moldex3D Warp has been widely used to estimate the mold shrinkage rate by many tooling suppliers. During the process of optimizing the processing conditions, the impact induced by product dimension or product size specification should always be taken into account while making changes on the design. In order to improve the part quality, users need to learn how to accurately measure product dimension to optimize designs.

The most common method is to measure the distance between two specific points as the following steps.

Step1. Open the project and select Total Displacement in Warpage Result

Step2. Click Measure icon1


Step3. Double click on two desired mesh nodes to be measured


The result of the distance, the linear shrinkage rate and the coordinates of the two chosen nodes can be obtained before and after the deformation.

Sometimes, product dimension specifications are difficult to defined, for example, it’s defined by edge to edge instead of point to point. For these cases, the deformed mesh can be exported and measured on the CAD follow the following steps:

Step1. Click Set Warpage Scale icon2


Step2. Click Export Deformed Model Option icon3


Step3. Set File Format, Warpage Scale and click OK to export deformed surface mesh


After the file export is completed, the complex dimension specification can be defined and measured with geometry functions or tools in CAD.

For some special cases, the measurement of dimension specification need to go through converting and computing nodes , such as roundness measurement. In this case, the coordinates of measure nodes which involved in post process can be exported by Measure Node Wizard in the following steps:

Step1. Choose Measure Node Wizard

Step2. Double click the desired nodes to add node ID to measure node list. If the number of nodes is too large, the measure node attribute can also be set when generating mesh.


Step3. Click Output CSV to export the node data for both the original and the deformed products.


From these data, the complex dimensions can be measured, which is useful for building better products.

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