Structurally Critical WIT Part Design Optimization with Moldex3D

in Customer Success on 01/21/2014

CAE Simulation Technology Drives Opportunities for Sustainable Automotive Manufacturing

in Top Story on 01/14/2014

Automotive Door Handle Manufacturer Uses Moldex3D to Solve Weld Line Issues

in Customer Success on 11/21/2013

Adding Value to PLM with Integration of Molding Simulation and Structural Analysis

in Top Story on 10/14/2013

Customer Testimonial: Shape Corp. Adopts Moldex3D to Make Simulation into Reality

in Customer Success on 08/21/2013

Boosting Aesthetic Product Appearance with Moldex3D

in Customer Success on 03/21/2013

DONGHEE Benefits from Moldex3D Simulation Capabilities to Create Better Parts

in Customer Success on 12/21/2012

Moldex3D Enables OEMs to Extend Their Business to More Customers

in Customer Success on 11/21/2012
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