on 02/25/2015

Special Prize
Metal Industries Research Development Centre
Analyzing the Optical Properties of a Double-sided Micro Lens Array in Laser Projectors

Micro lens arrays (MLA) are one of the key components of laser-illuminated projector systems. After injection, the lens usually will warp as it cools because of the large difference in temperature. In this study, the Metal Industries Research Development Centre (MIRDC) aimed to use Moldex3D Optics for molding condition optimization to reduce optical quality issues, e.g., shrinkage, cracks, and residual stresses etc., to ensure uniform brightness.

To effectively reduce residual stresses and warpage, Moldex3D enabled MIRDC to determine the optimal processing conditions through the Design of Experiments analysis, varying mold temperature, injection velocity and packing pressure factors. The simulation results then were compared to experimental results to further investigate the fringe orders and optical paths. The results showed that higher velocity can help improve the fringe orders and optical paths, and increased packing pressure and time can help improve warpage.


  • Improved warpage by 30%
  • Reduced optical path difference from 3.483X10-4 mm to 1.460X10-4mm
  • Cut down mold trials and save costs

Software used:

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