on 02/25/2015

Special Prize
Linear Mold & Engineering
Improvement of Injection Molding Cycle Process

With injection molding many tools have longer than acceptable run times due to the limitations of conventional cooling methods. In addition to the longer run times, warpage is a serious factor when producing parts and often times result in excessive scrap in any attempts to reduce cycle time. The aim of this project was to help a customer to improve unacceptable lengthy run times on a tool.

Linear Mold & Engineering utilized Moldex3D software to analyze a conventional cooling approach to a tool in question, showing where the areas of concern were that would demand long run times and produce extensive warpage of the part. Taking the results Moldex3D produced, Linear Mold then developed a solution in the form of conformally cooled components to replace or modify existing components in the tool to streamline the injection process. With a small amount of cycle process modification over the course of a day, the customer achieved the time savings Linear Mold predicted within a 3% margin of error.


  • Reduced cycle times by 50 %
  • Solved warpage problem
  • Developed a competitive advantage in the market

Software used:

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