on 02/25/2015

Second Prize
Using Moldex3D to Reduce Warpage in a Cradle of Truck GPS Navigation Device


The front cover of the truck GPS navigation cradle is made with nylon with 50% fiberglass. During the injection molding process, the warpage occurred and led to a gap between the front and back covers, exceeding the given tolerance.

TomTom used Moldex3D eDesign with Fiber simulation capability to investigate the root cause of warpage and the contribution of each variate to the total warpage of the product. Through the contributing factor study, TomTom was able to identify the major factors affecting the warpage. By combining all these key factors, TomTom was able to make the critical design decision quickly and accurately, and successfully reduces the risk of assembly problems.


  • Minimized the assembly gap from 2.3mm to 0.3mm to meet dimensional specifications
  • Increased yields by 92%
  • Saved money and development time

Software used:

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