Managing costs, quality, and efficiency in product design stage could be the greatest business hurdle. Moldex3D is designed to deliver just-in-time molding solutions for less real mold trials, faster time-to-market, and time-to-profit. Moldex3D R12 maximizes the success potential with new capabilities and features like faster model repair workflow, dynamic molding process supports, and continuous efforts on prediction and optimization enhancements.

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What's New in Moldex3D R12

What’s New in R12

Stay Agile with Model Creation
Simplify High-quality Mesh Generation Process
Extends the unrivaled meshing capabilities to offer a very intuitive Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) generation tool in Moldex3D Designer, giving users who need to prepare advanced analyses a strong boost
Moldex3D CADdoctor Heals Geometrical Problems
Streamlines the model exchange process between CAD and CAE with powerful manual healing functions for maximum flexibility, improving efficiency with faster model repair workflow
Moldex3D Designer BLM Mode and CADdoctor Tutorial
Empower Dynamic Process Capabilities Based on Manufacturing Needs
Compression Molding
Investigates potential defects resulted from heat and pressure, decides appropriate materials, and optimize process conditions. Easily defines compression zones, surfaces, and directions for better production efficiency and enhanced processability
Moldex3D Compression Molding Tutorial

Bi-injection Molding
Assesses the filling pattern of the same plastic material with two colors being injected into a cavity from different gates and predicts welding line locations to enhance the quality of dual-colored products

Powder Injection Molding
Gets accurate at visualizing high-precision and complex metal/ceramic injection molding, helping users predict potential molding defects based on the fluid flow behavior of the feedstock consisted of powder and binder
Moldex3D Powder Injection Molding Tutorial

Strengthen Prediction and Optimization Capabilities through Enhancements

Annealing Process Analysis
Extends simulation calculation to post-molding annealing process, providing a powerful tool to determine processing condition based on the possible annealing method
Co-injection Analysis
Provides users a comprehensive insight into the flow behavior of core materials inside cavities when blow through happens
Core Shift with Two-way (FSI)
Predicts the simulation result of part inserts with two-way FSI method to increase accuracy and improve core deformation
Venting Analysis
Provides trapped air temperature and pressure results
Fiber Analysis
Empowers prediction capabilities on fiber breakage and fiber length distribution results, preventing high shear stress problems
DOE Optimization
Auto Gate Location Function
Identifies the best gate location to achieve flow balance and provide support for single and multiple gate models
Weight Designation of Multiple Quality Factors
Obtains optimal process conditions based on different weighting values of each quality factor

Explore a More Intuitive and Interactive Interface

Online Help Provides Real-time User Assistance
Provides a detailed guide on the process and computation setting in the Process Wizard along with the definition of terms related to materials in the Material Wizard
Support 3D PDF and User-defined Reports
Enjoys the dynamic view of the 3D visualization data without compromising design information, and largely enhance team communication during collaborative design processes

Always Stay Ahead with Enhanced Speed
Always-Stay-Ahead-with-Enhanced-SpeedUp to 80% Increase in Filling Analysis Computational Speed
Greatly reduces 50% computing time of a model with one million elements
Parallel Computing Supports 3D Cooling
Investigates coolant properties such as pressure drop, temperature variation, and velocity distribution, users can easily find comprehensive information for designing cooling systems

Select Your Optimal Design Package

eDesign Basic eDesign Basic
Quick filling simulation tool with automatic meshing capability > Learn More
eDesign eDesign
Complete molding simulation tool with automatic meshing capability > Learn More
Professional Professional
Efficient support for shell-like plastics in addition to eDesign > Learn More
Advanced Advanced
Flexible extension for high-precision or special process simulation > Learn More
IC Packaging IC Packaging
Design verification and optimization for the encapsulation process > Learn More 
Solution Add-on Solution Add-on
Series of add-ons for specific industrial part process simulation > Learn More

Hear What Others Are Saying about Moldex3D

mold-masters logo
We selected Moldex3D because its unique technologies are what we would absolutely look for. Moldex3D not only offers more realistic mold filling simulation results for building the organization standard for hot runner design analysis, but also provides more advanced 3D features to help us on the deep investigation
- Hans Hagelstein, the President of Mold-Masters Global Engineering

PTC logo thumbnail
The innovative integration between PTC and Moldex3D has opened up tremendous possibilities for our users to enhance product quality and manufacturing efficiency within the familiar environment. We look forward to seeing more exciting collaborations on building a high-performance design platform that offers features tailored customer needs in the future
- Michael Campbell, Divisional General Manager CAD segment, PTC 

yudo logo
We selected Moldex3D because it offers a better approach for more advanced and accurate engineering analysis technologies on the verification and optimization of hot runner system mold development, especially for true 3D analysis technology and private HPC cloud
-Francis Yu, the Chairman of YUDO

widex logo
As healthcare products require high standard of manufacturing and faster time-to-market, these factors led us to Moldex3D eDesign. The software empowers us to perform quick and accurate design validation and optimization, which determines that Moldex3D can best fit our quest for delivering better hearing products to improve the quality of human life.
- Claus Erikslev Jensen, Design Engineer, Widex A/S.

shadow industries
With nearly a decade of partnership using Moldex3D, Shadow has experienced higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability for our clients
- Robert Hickman, President and Chief Engineer, Shadow Polymer Industries

hoffer plastic logo
Since 2007, Hoffer has utilized Moldex3D’s engineering simulation software on all new programs to define flow of the plastic and in critical applications warp. Over the last 5 years, Hoffer has run over 600 simulations and gained confidence in the results which supports our continued utilization of the software
-Charles Webster, Product Development Engineer, Hoffer Plastics.

ExtremeTool Logo
Moldex3D gives us the ability clearly identifies part design and tool designs issues during the preliminary design phase. We can optimize and correct these issues long before plastic is ever shot in a new mold
- Bob Sikonia, Engineering Manager at Extreme Tool & Engineering

alfanar logo- small
We found predictions from Moldex3D very close to reality. From the time of implementation of Moldex3D; thereafter, there was no looking back, we have successfully conducted over 250 analyses leading to successful realization of over 150 molds in various thermoplastic materials
- Mohan Sivaraj, Executive Manager at Alfanar Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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