Take Mesh Quality to the Next Level through Designer BLM

High quality mesh is a key prerequisite of obtaining accurate simulation results. However, the time and human effort spent behind generating the high quality meshes are considerable and costly.

With increased demands for superior product quality and faster time-to-market, Moldex3D R12 rolled out the new pre-processing module- Designer BLM (Boundary Layer Mesh), which can effectively help advanced users build high quality boundary layer meshes; current eDesign users can also experience the advanced mesh performance of BLM by upgrading their version. BLM can precisely capture the drastic changes of temperature and velocity near the cavity wall during the filling process so users can accurately detect viscous heating and warpage problems in advance.

After importing models in Designer BLM mode, users can immediately detect potential defects of the original models, such as free edges, broken surfaces…etc. These defects could only be manually fixed in the past, involving a great deal of time. Now, through the CADdoctor under Designer BLM mode, users can automatically heal these model defects and further meet model simplification.

Gate location is one of the most common design changes. However, it is very time-consuming to rebuild the mesh every time when the gate location is changed. Through the automatically generating function of Designer BLM, users can reserve the solid mesh of the cavity model, and can only rebuild the mesh of the new gate location area. This enhancement can help users to ensure the mesh quality and speed up the mold design and build process, enabling successful product development processes.

*Please note: Designer BLM Mode (Beta) is available for Moldex3D Advanced Package only.


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