High Accuracy Simulation Technology for Ultra-Precision Injection Molding

As the injection molding industry is constantly changing, conventional injection molding molders are confronted with many challenges such as cost competitiveness, shorter cycle times, higher product precision and appearance requirements. These problems are even exacerbated by the design trend of 3C products which tends to be thinner and smaller, and therefore requires higher precision components.

In order to achieve the ultra-precision molding technology, we have to fully understand key mold design aspects, process control, and material properties. It is well understood that the packing efficiency is largely dependent on the pressure during filling and packing. The filling pressure is used to drive the melt forward. Higher viscosity materials require higher pressure. The viscosity, however, depends on some complex factors such as shear rate, temperature, and pressure. For most of the rheological experiments, the fluid is compressed under moderate pressure so the pressure effect is usually ignored. During the injection molding process, the shear rate and injection pressure is beyond the usual material testing range. Therefore it is necessary to understand the pressure dependency of viscosity. It was found in the experiments that the apparent shear viscosity of polystyrene (PS) increased by 135 times at a temperature of 190℃ when the pressure was increased from 0 to 124 MPa. Without the proper measurement of material viscosities under pressure, it is impossible to predict the filling pressure well.

Moldex3D has professional material measurement laboratory to help global users to build their proprietary material database for high accuracy simulation of ultra-precision molding. For plastic optical industry, ensuring dimensional stability is the key to achieving successful part assembly. Moldex3D can help integrate the design of molds, parts, process conditions, and the material properties. The process can be optimized so as to improve the overall precision. For example, the lens barrel (see the image below) is an optical component and it is important to ensure uniform roundness. Moldex3D can help businesses acquire know-how and know-why of product development by effectively accumulating trouble-shooting capabilities and building up a top notch technical team in your organizations.

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