Get a Sneak Peek at New Particle Tracer Enhancements

From our previously Molding Innovation Newsletter for Aug. 2012, we’ve introduced Particle Tracer, a new feature in Moldex3D R11.0. We’ve learned that Particle Tracer can show flow length, velocity, pressure, temperature, or elapsed time on particles; users can visualize polymer particle filling behavior inside cavity during the filling and packing stages.

Now, we’ve got more new enhancements for you, which will be included in our upcoming R12. Take a sneak peek now.

【NEW】Visualize Gate Contribution with Flow Line

Gate ID is a useful function to visualize the gate contribution with flow line. It is helpful for users to see how each melt flows inside the mold from each gate.

【NEW】Visualize Weld Line Location

Another new enhancement is using particle tracer to identify weld line locations and its development history. By checking “Particles from Weld Line”, users are able to examine the weld line results using particle tracer.


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