Utilizing Moldex3D CADdoctor to Easily Fix Geometric Errors & Ensure High-Quality Mesh Generation

Having a good quality geometry is essential in building a proper mesh for a successful CAE analysis. Low-quality geometry will need additional manual efforts to repair defects in the pre-processing stage and the mesh quality can be compromised.

Moldex3D CADdoctor is a useful tool that supports data translation among multi-CAD systems and fixes geometric errors from different file conversions.

Here are 3 easy steps in CADdoctor to help you check and fix common errors of your CAD model:

utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-1Surface mesh defect: Not using CADdoctor (left) vs. using CADdoctor (right)

Step 1: After importing the geometry into Designer, click utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-2 to review the geometry quality. Under Geometry Defect Checks, click CADdoctor and select Yes in the following window. CADdoctor will be launched and the model will be imported automatically.



Step 2: The main working panel on the left has two sections: the upper section lists all the detected

defects, and the lower section contains the basic repair tools (utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-5). First, clickutilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-6 to Check the geometry defects and the results will be listed in the table.


Step 3: Second, click utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-8 Auto Stitch to fix adjacent vertexes and curves with distance smaller than the user-defined tolerance. The pop-up window will show the number of free edges before auto-stitch and the tolerance to apply.  Specify a tolerance and click Try; CADdoctor will estimate the number of free edges after stitch. Click Fix to execute stitching if satisfied with the estimated result.


Step 4: Click utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-10 Auto Heal and OK to further improve geometry quality by repairing more geometry defects. After these three basic steps, a significant improvement can be observed in the defect list (the

Auto Heal icon will then become utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-11 , meaning the model has been improved). User can export the

modified geometry back to Designer by clicking utilizing-moldex3d-caddoctor-to-easily-fix-geometric-errors-ensure-high-quality-mesh-generation-12 .

Note: Click on the remaining defects, CADdoctor will locate them and suggest corresponding fix tools below the working panel.



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