Moldex3D’s Fill Hole Wizard Helps Fill Undesirable Holes on Surface Mesh

Closed free edge loops, usually called holes, are the results of missed, deleted, or misaligned mesh elements. They will lead to failure in solid mesh generation or have a significant negative impact on the analysis accuracy. To solve this issue, Fill Hole Wizard feature in Moldex3D R13 assists users to quickly detect and fix these mesh defects. In wizard panel, the surface mesh can be automatically generated to fix the selected closed free edges or all of the holes at once. The operation steps shown below can be followed to repair the mesh defects like holes, and it can be adjusted when dealing with different specific cases.

Step 1. Apply Fix Surface Mesh function prior to solid mesh generation, free edges can be detected and shown in surface mesh information; normally holes are the major  causes of free edges (as shown in the picture below). If the system does not detect any closed free edge loops, it will also inform users in surface mesh information, and the panel will not pop up.


Step 2. Click Fill Hole Wizard in the Fill Wizardpanel, and holes will be detected automatically. Then click Next moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-21 to switch to the next detected closed free edge loop, or Zoom in moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-22 to check the targeted holes closely. If needed, click Fix moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-23 to fill the targeted holes with the surface mesh in the selected closed free edge loops.


Step 3. To fill all of the holes detected by the system at once, click Fix All moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-24 . As the fix result shown below, there is no more hole after Fill Hole Wizard is fully applied.

moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-31 moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-32
moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-33 moldex3ds-fill-hole-wizard-helps-fill-undesirable-holes-on-surface-mesh-34

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