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Located in Taipei County, Titan Mold Corporation was founded in April 1989, bringing together a comprehensive range of the latest in mold making machinery and state of the art techniques.

Before Jason Liu’s job as the managing director of his own mold making company – Titan in 1987, he had already accumulated a twelve-year experience in the mold industry. Experience shaped his reliable expertise and knowledge, and his insistence upon quality is an asset of Jason Liu that supports the company to survive in the competitive mold market. Many consumers are probably unaware of the fact that a lot of well-known 3C products appearance are made in Titan.

A decade ago, while CAE analysis software was just sprung in the Taiwanese industry, Titan already started cooperating with the CAE laboratory in National Tsing Hua University, one of Taiwanese top universities, to add molding flow analysis into the production process. Soon Titan became Moldex3D’s loyal user. Jason said, when transferring the mold making line from low-cost consumer goods to expensive 3C products, how to precisely control each condition and slight change during the molding process is definitely a must-know and the key point. Moldex3D injection molding analysis software not only represents fast, accuracy, and high quality, but most importantly, customers’ trust.

The multiple gating system is frequently applied on molding plastics of 3C products. It not only provides better filling and packing paths to improve quality control but also reduces cycle-time and warpage; yet, the flow trend of multiple gating system is not easy to foretell. Nowadays, Moldex3D is utilized to predict and visualize the mold-filling pattern to shorten the mold design life cycle, so that we can find the optimal gating system before mold tooling. It can also help users to find out the possible defects in advance, such as short shot, weld line, air trap and sink mark, and etc. that would significantly save costs and time in mold revision.


Short Shot occurred in the front cover of PC case, while welding line in the back cover of printer. Unbalanced pressure also occurred in printer chassis, monitor frame, and printer cover


Modify the gate design via Moldex3D to prevent short shot, and modify the design of runner systems to avoid welding line. Reach balanced pressure by changing the runner length and diameters


Moldex3D helps users find the optimal gating system before mold tooling and the possible defects in advance, which would significantly save costs and time in mold revision

Multiple gating system—its design and application

(1) Front cover of PC case – short shot

This given case shows that short shot occurs in Design 1 when only 3 gates were employed at first. Melt cannot be transferred efficiently throughout the part. After adding one more gates at a specific location and a flow leader shown in Design 2, the incomplete fill vanishes and we have a better balanced flow pattern and effective pressure delivery in packing stage.

Design 1
Design 2

(2) Back cover of printer – welding line

Welding line information is vital for esthetic concerns for most 3C products. Under the assistance of CAE mold filling analysis, users can predict the welding line information, including locations and the temperature. Welding line can be avoided by modifying the design of runner systems. In this product, by modifying the gate number and position (Design 2), we can adjust the filling pattern in order to reach our expectation and meet the quality standard.

 Design 1
 Design 2

(3) Printer chassis – unbalanced pressure

For assembly plastics, the degree of precision is crucial. By merely changing the runner length and diameters, the filling pattern of Design 2 would end up having a better balance than that of Design 1. Besides, the runner system of Design 2 provides better packing efficiency, which eliminates serious warpage problems existed in Design 1.

Design 1
Design 2

(4) Monitor frame – unbalanced pressure

Gate positions influence the gradient of pressure drop greatly inside the cavity. In Design 1, the pressure around the marked area is higher than that of Design 2. In Design 2, we move the upper gates closer so that the pressure distribution is much balanced than Design 1, and then the required injection pressure is decreased respectively.

Design 1
Design 2

 (5)Printer cover – unbalanced pressure

In this case, we can realize that the pressure distribution of Design 2 is more balanced than Design 1; therefore, less problems on warpage.

Design 1
Design 2

 Rooted in Taiwan, Titan and CoreTech both take on international perspectives

Titan now has offices and factories both in Taiwan and mainland China, and customers ranging from PHILIPS, Acer, BenQ, CalComp, Quanta, etc. Moldex3D has helped Titan completing hundred of mold cases, including the most popular precise electronics: digital camera, laptop, cellular phone, scanner chassis and multifunction machine. CoreTech and its professional CAE plastics injection molding analysis software – Moldex3D are the best business partner of Jason. He showed a positive attitude when mentioning Moldex3D’s efforts and support to local mold industry. Although a long way have Titan and CoreTech come through, they still keep walking ahead.


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