Reusable Anti-COVID-19 Mask with Filter Produced through the Help of Moldex3D

This article is adapted from“Progetto, analisi, simulazione e produzione di una Mascherina riutilizzabile anti-COVID_19 con filtro” authored by Moldex3D Italia.

At this particular moment, Produform had an idea to produce a special anti-COVID-19 mask, “Produmask 100”, which is reusable and with necessary features for health protection.

“Produmask 100” was born in the Product R&D laboratory of Produform. Produmask100 is a product completely designed and produced in Italy. It is made of hypoallergenic and ecological polyurethane (PUR), also compliant for food use. The mask is also equipped with a double water-proof filter with interchangeable filter elements. Once used and after sanitizing and changing the filter, Produmask100 is reusable.

The mask is biocompatible and soft for better adherence to the face, with interchangeable filter spaced from the mouth for better breathability. The filter is made of non-woven filtering and water-proof fabric certified OekoTex Standard 100.

The use of Moldex3D for analysis and virtual simulation has allowed Produform to avoid the usual trial-and-error process and reduce the time costs to a minimum. Thus, the project was able to be conceived, developed, and made available in a very short time.

Produform has created two different versions of the product for both adults and children to better adapt to the face size and shape of those who must use it.

Utilizing Moldex3D to simulate the product’s behaviors in the filling and warp stages can help Produform to control and optimize the product quality.

About Produform

Produform, from Gavirate Varese, was founded in 1998 is specialized in the production of prototype molds and small series molding.

The Produform management model favors quality/price ratio, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction in order to offer high-level services in line with the best national and European standards.

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