Solving Warpage Issues through Reverse Warpage Profile

in Customer Success on 02/03/2021

How to Apply Push-back Process Simulation for Fluid-assisted Injection Molding

in Tips and Tricks on 07/01/2020

BASF’s Method to Optimize the Gas-assisted Injection Molded Designer Chair without Changing Design

in Customer Success on 04/01/2020

Slovak University of Technology Optimized GAIM Part Design with CAE Tool

in Customer Success on 10/01/2018

Predicting Gas Fingering Behaviors Using 3D GAIM Simulation Tool

in Top Story on 05/01/2018

Investigating the Gas Core-Out Ratio of Gas-Assisted Injection Molding through Advanced CAE Technology

in Top Story on 09/29/2016

Utilizing Moldex3D Simulation Capabilities to Successfully Establish Gas-Assisted Wax Injection as a Viable Innovative Molding

in Customer Success on 09/20/2015

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