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Project Name: Investigation of the Application of Moldex3D in Thermoset Injection Molding Simulation Process with Wall Slip Boundary Condition

School: Chemnitz University of Technology
By Tran-Ngoc Tu 


The flow behavior of thermoset materials in the injection molding process has not been adequately explained before. Therefore, the existence of the wall slip phenomenon between the thermosets plastics and the wall surface during the filling remains unknown. This project demonstrates how Moldex3D helped the Chemnitz University of Technology student develop a useful method to study the wall slip phenomenon of the polymer during filling stage and how to generate a material data sheet that can be directly imported into Moldex3D’s Material Database to simulate the injection molding process of thermoset materials with wall slip boundary condition.


  • To investigate the wall slip phenomenon of thermoset materials during the filling
  • To create a material data sheet for thermoset injection molding simulation
  • To predict the master curves of rheological and cure kinetics at multiple heating rates


Firstly, the team performed experimental injection studies under different processing. It was found that there was a strong slip on the interface between the phenolic polymer and the mold wall surface, which was not found for the thermoplastic injection molding. Secondly, the rheological and thermal properties of thermoset injection molding compounds was measured successfully. After that, the team used the numerical method to create a material data sheet and predicted the master curves of viscosity and cure kinetics at multiple heating rates. Finally, the team imported the data sheet to Moldex3D’s Material Database to investigate the simulation results of the injection molding process considering the slip boundary condition. The experimental results showed that a strong slip was found on the interface between the thermosets and the cavity surface.



  • Validation of the influence of wall slip phenomenon on thermoset injection molding
  • Compared the flow behavior between thermosets and thermoplastics
  • Created material data sheet for reactive injection molding simulation process

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I am very honored and happy to hold the special prize. I would like to deliver all my sincere thankfulness to Moldex3D for organizing the useful contest. Great thanks to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Gehde, Institute of Conveyors and Plastics in Chemnitz University of Technology, for providing me the important opportunity to study in this famous institute and giving me the chance to attend in the Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent.

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