on 11/06/2018



Project Name: Optimization of Conformal Cooling Channels for Rapid Tooling Using Moldex3D

School: Ming Chi University of Technology
By Duc-Trong Nguyen, Wei-Hua Chen

Instructor: Chil-Chyuan Kuo, Ph. D.,Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology


In today’s manufacturing world, time is money. This is especially true in the injection molding industry, where a reduction in the cooling time can help achieve significant savings. Therefore, the importance of the cooling system is unquestionable. In this project, Ming Chi University of Technology used Moldex3D to optimize the layout design of the conformal cooling system. The experimental results demonstrated that the conformal cooling channel could provide better cooling effect than conventional cooling channels, reducing the cooling time by 70%.


  • Deformation of rapid tooling
  • To improve cooling efficiency
  • Costly and time-consuming trial and error method


With Moldex3D’s Cooling simulation capabilities, students at the Ming Chi University of Technology were able to visualize the effects of different cooling channel designs (conventional cooling channels, conformal cooling channels, without cooling channels) on the part and identify the optimal cooling channel design and process parameters to optimize part quality. The aluminum-filled epoxy resins mold and cooling systems were also fabricated to verify the simulation results. Matching the simulation results with the experimental data demonstrated that the conformal cooling design can effectively reduce cooling time and improve part deformation.



  • Reduced cooling time by 70%
  • Reduced deformation by 56%
  • Validated the effectiveness of conformal cooling channels
  • Reduced cycle time and eliminated costly prototypes

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