on 11/06/2018



Project Name: Redesign of Injection Mould Cavity based on Reverse Warpage Profile

School: Slovak University of Technology- Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

By Miroslav Košík


One of the biggest challenges of molding thick-walled parts is dimensional accuracy. In this project, a plastic hook , an automotive component part, was warped in the first tryout. However, the warpage problem still existed after adjusting the process parameters. The MTF STU team used Moldex3D to help the tool maker explore the causes of warpage and the viable solutions. As a result, the toolmaker was able to determine the best possible solution to solve the warpage problem by optimizing the mold design based on Moldex3D’s Warp analysis results, avoiding unnecessary rework.


  • To reduce and control excessive warpage
  • To explore viable solutions in a short amount of time


The MTF STU team used Moldex3D to help the toolmaker explore possible solutions and determined the best solution is to modify the mold based on the Warp analysis result. Moldex3D’s predictive capabilities for warpage allowed the toolmaker to make adjustments to the mold before cutting the tool. In addition, the toolmaker was able to use Moldex3D to generate and apply the opposite warpage result to the original model to optimize the mold design.



  • Met dimensional specifications
  • Avoided costly tooling errors and rework
  • Shortened troubleshooting process

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I feel very fortunate that I got a chance to be a part of the Moldex3D GITA 2018. And the most of all, I am very pleased the case study I submitted has been awarded. In the name of the Slovak University of Technology, I would like to express “huge thanks” to whole Moldex3D Team!

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