on 11/06/2018



Project Name: Optimizing the Injection Molding of a Head-up Display Reflector Evaporation Jig

Company: Taiwan Zussin Technology Co., Ltd.
By Jun-Ying Wu


Head-up displays (HUDs) are growing popularity in the automotive industry. The HUD reflector is usually heavier and larger than other lenses in size and can be a challenge in the molding process. Therefore, the jig is relatively important in the process of evaporation. Zussin Technology aimed to use Moldex3D in the early development phase to predict potential molding problems and ensure the flatness of the jig so it can function as expected to prevent part failures. With Moldex3D, Zussin engineers were able to significantly reduce warpage, increase molding efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, and mitigate risk before moving to large-scale production.


  • Part flatness
  • Cost reduction


With the help of Moldex3D simulation tools, Zussin was able to quickly understand and evaluate the impact of mold design on part flatness. Zuzzin engineers used Moldex3D to optimize main and sub runner layouts, gate locations and cooling circuit designs and determined the best design possible. In addition, Moldex3D enabled Zussin engineers to use measurement nodes to observe shrinkage in critical areas of the part to ensure dimensional stability. Moldex3D also helped Zussin take into account the material’s shrinkage behavior to optimize moldability.


  • Improved part flatness by almost 85%
  • Reduced costly mold rework and design iterations
  • Reduced product time-to-market

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