on 02/25/2015

Special Prize
Calin Technology Co., Ltd.
Moldex3D Injection Molding Simulation Applications in Projector Lens

The weld line occurred on the surface of the project lens when the melt entered the thin section in the middle of the part. The finished part needed to achieve uniform residual stress in order to maintain excellent optical properties.

Moldex3D was utilized to optimize process parameters and run virtual molding simulations. It helped Calin Technology to determine the best combination of process settings for molding the projector lens. Using the optimum process conditions along with compensation method technology, Calin Technology was able to compared the simulation results to experimental results and verified that the requirements had been met with the help of Moldex3D.


  • Improved weld lines to meet surface quality
  • Achieved uniform distribution of shear stress

Software used:

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