on 02/25/2015

First Prize
Lite-On Technology Corporation
Improving the Warpage in a Scanner CIS Holder Part Using Moldex3D and LS-DYNA


The holders, which are used to fix contact image sensors (CIS) in scanners, got warped during shipment due to the relief of internal stresses, causing the CIS holder detached from the scanner glass. This could have a critical impact on the depth of field and even cause some noise (speckles) on the image.

To understand factors contributing to warpage, Lite-On utilized Moldex3D to simulate the effects of different design approaches, such as changes to gate locations, mold temperature and reducing materials. Comparing the analysis results, Lite-On determined which design had the minimum amount of warpage displacement. Next, Lite-On exported the simulation result of the optimal design to LS-DYNA using Moldex3D FEA interface and further investigated the internal strength of the part. This simulation, combined with structural analysis capabilities, helped Lite-On make informed decisions before making costly changes to existing part designs.


  • Shorten product development cycle by 13%
  • Significantly increase production yields by 99%
  • Cut manufacturing costs

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