Many of Moldex3D Customers Develop Face Protection Products against COVID-19

on 07/23/2020

Hsinchu, Taiwan — July 23, 2020 — People around the world have been fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Industries are also dedicated to developing new facial protection products such as face mask and face shield, and Moldex3D’s customers are no exception. In their design and manufacturing process, Moldex3D has been a helpful tool that enabled the products to be successfully conceived, developed, and marketed the product in a very short time.

The three success stories of Moldex3D’s customers are shown below.


Blackcad Engineering’s One-Component Anti-COVID-19 Face Shield

Blackcad Engineering tried to design an injection-molded face shield which can be directly “wrapped” on a human head and be used almost instantly after the injection molding process – without assembling any additional parts. With Moldex3D, Blackcad successfully identified the typical molding process defects like excessive sprue pressure value, and simulated optic properties of the injection molded parts and eliminate the defects.

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Reusable Anti-COVID-19 Mask Produced by Produform

Produform had produced a special anti-COVID-19 mask,“Produmask 100, which is reusable and with necessary features for health protection. It is made of hypoallergenic and ecological polyurethane (PUR). The mask is also equipped with a double water-proof filter with interchangeable filter elements. The use of Moldex3D for analysis and virtual simulation has allowed Produform to avoid the usual trial-and-error process and reduce the time costs to a minimum. 

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The COVID-19 Prevention Face Shield of IDEMI

During the COVID-19 epidemic prevention, the Institute of Design for Electrical Measuring Instruments (IDEMI-Mumbai) designed a new coronavirus protective “face shield” for Corona fighters. The face shield injection molding tool design and gate location were validated using Moldex3D 2020 software which helped in quick optimization of the gate location for the optimum part quality.

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