IDEMI Validates COVID-19 Prevention Face Shield Design Using Moldex3D

During the COVID-19 epidemic prevention, the Institute of Design for Electrical Measuring Instruments (IDEMI-Mumbai) designed a new coronavirus protective “face shield” for Corona fighters. Usually, a face shield consists of a visor that prevents the face from unwanted substances like dust, water splashes, etc. The developed face shields offer a primary layer of protection to the professionals engaged in mission-critical operations including healthcare workers, police, and other emergency departments as well as delivery personnel.

IDEMI validated the face shield design with the help of Moldex3D 2020 for the injection molding process. The challenge was to identify the best gate location for the injection molding feed system to get the optimum part quality. The face shield injection molding tool design and gate location were validated using Moldex3D 2020 software which helped in quick optimization of the gate location for the optimum part quality.         

Moldex3D Flow analysis helped to avoid the traditional trial and error method, thereby minimizing the development time, and successfully conceived, developed, and marketed the product in a very short time. Using Moldex3D to simulate the behavior of the product during the filling and deformation stages, you can quickly grasp the product’s changes in the manufacturing process and successfully optimize the product quality.


IDEMI Design and Development is a continuous activity at the Institute and it is purely based on the emerging needs of the Instrument industry. The main objective behind the Institute’s design and development work is to transfer the technical know-how developed to the instrument manufacturers or entrepreneurs on a nonexclusive basis. Institute’s achievements in the design and development field and details on prototypes developed are published through newsletters and displays at exhibitions apart from individual contacts/communications. Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers are always approaching the Institute for any design and development assistance that may be required by them from time to time. The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Government of India recognizes the Institute as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO).

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