Utilizing Moldex3D to Analyze Reynolds Number in Cooling Channels

Generally speaking, turbulent flow is desirable in a cooling system design due to its better performance on heat transfer, making the cooling effect more efficient. The flow patterns are characterized by Reynolds number. Take a round, cylinder cooling channel design for example, a fully-developed turbulence will occur when the Reynolds number reaches 4000 or higher. Reynolds number indeed provides a significant insight for users to understand the flow patterns inside the cooling channels and serves as a great reference to evaluate the cooling efficiency as well. In order to better evaluate the cooling efficiency of the designed cooling systems, a new feature in Moldex3D R13.0supports the visualization of the flow patterns inside the cooling systems by offering Reynolds number distribution throughout the cooling channels.

Step 1. In a new project, import a 3D cooling channel model. Specify the settings for the analysis, such as material, processing parameters, and computation data.
(In this example, in order to show the various impacts of different Reynolds numbers, we set the flow rates of these two cooling channels differently.)


Step 2. Under Cool in Computation Parameter, check Cooling channel analysis by and select Run 3D solid cooling channel analysis to enable a detailed analysis on the cooling system. Click OK to apply.


Step 3. Select Cooling (C) or Transient analysis 1 (Ct) in the analysis sequence prior to running the analysis.


Step 4. After the computation for cooling analysis, click Cooling Channel Reynolds Number under the cooling results to show Reynolds Number distribution along the cooling lines. As shown below, the cooling line with a higher flow rate will result in a higher Reynolds number, exhibiting a better performance in cooling efficiency.


utilizing-moldex3d-to-analyze-reynolds-number-in-cooling-channels-6 utilizing-moldex3d-to-analyze-reynolds-number-in-cooling-channels-7
Cooling Channel Reynolds number
Cooling Efficiency (per channel)

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