Use Moldex3D Designer’s “Modify Node Seeding” Feature to Further Improve Mesh Quality

Refining node seeding at the gate location can further improve mesh quality which ultimately leads to better accuracy of simulation analyses. Moldex3D R13.0 Designer supports auto-refine function for curvature and proximity to correct mesh defects firsthand. Then, users may use “Modify node seeding” feature to manually refine node seeding at the gate location or other segments of the mesh to further enhance mesh quality for a more robust simulation analysis.

Step 1. Clickuse-moldex3d-designers-modify-node-seeding-feature-to-further-improve-mesh-quality-1 and use-moldex3d-designers-modify-node-seeding-feature-to-further-improve-mesh-quality-2 in the first dialog to apply default size setting. As shown below, the node distribution quality is overall good. However it is suggested to refine the node seeding at the gate location to further improve the mesh quality and analysis results.


Step 2. To increase the number of nodes at the gate location, the second dialog enables users to locally refine the node seeding. In this dialog, choose the segment where the cavity connects to the runner to manually refine the node seeding. Specify seeding parameter in this segment and click “Enter” to apply

(Important! Do not click  use-moldex3d-designers-modify-node-seeding-feature-to-further-improve-mesh-quality-2 ). The new refined node distribution can then be seen as below.

use-moldex3d-designers-modify-node-seeding-feature-to-further-improve-mesh-quality-4 use-moldex3d-designers-modify-node-seeding-feature-to-further-improve-mesh-quality-5
Before manually refine the node seeding
After manually refine the node seeding

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 in the segment where the runner (not cavity) connects to the cavity (not runner) to manually refine the node seeding. Make sure the node distribution set in Step 2 & 3 matches with each other and then clickuse-moldex3d-designers-modify-node-seeding-feature-to-further-improve-mesh-quality-2 to apply a new size setting. Based on the refined node seeding, the mesh quality is further improved as shown below.


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