Moldex3D Flatness Tool for Quick Evaluation on Key Product Warpage

Authored by Jenny Wei, Engineer at Technical Support Team, Moldex3D

In the high-precision product manufacturing process, the flatness requirement of some specific surfaces is important. Users need to know if the surface flatness is under the tolerance at the early design phase through CAE tools. Moldex3D Studio 2020 provides a friendly and convenient flatness measurement tool for users to easily measure the flatness of specific surfaces after Warp analysis.

Also, this measurement result can collaborate the deformation simulation and a variety of Studio post-processing functions for better observing the flatness of different surfaces after deformation.

Step 1: Get started

Finish Warpage simulation or open a project with a Total Displacement result. Click Total Displacement of the Warpage result in the project tree.

Step 2: Specify the surface to measure flatness

Click Flatness in the Result tab to launch the wizard tool and specify the measurement Name. Select the surface mesh on the model to define the measured surface automatically. Click Select  to re-assign the measurement target. Click Save if you would like to add another measurement, or click Save and Close to finish.

Note: Users can click Setting  next to Select to control the selection spread.

Step 3: Display flatness measurement

Users can click the Flatness Name from the measurements on the Model tree to display the flatness measurement results together with its reference surface in the Display Window. (It will switch the result display to Total Displacement and be closed when other results are selected.)

Note: In the flatness measurement, only the displacement vertical to the location on the surface is calculated.

Step 4: Collaboration with other features

Deformation/Mold Compensation: Apply the Deformation feature in the Result tab when displaying the Flatness result. The flatness measurement will be scaled when the deformation scale is adjusted, so will the Compensation display be.

Compare: If there are multiple runs simulated with the same mesh (MFE), the flatness measurement can be shared and compared between these runs.


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