Moldex3D Designer BLM Surface Mesh Fixing

In Designer BLM, Moldex3D provides many tools to improve surface mesh quality. This video will demonstrate how to use them with Moldex3D Designer, separated as three parts respectively for different common issues: Fill hole (Automatic and Manual), Fix general defects and Unfillet. Hole (looped free edge) is one of the common defects when building surface mesh. In the first section, Fill Hole Wizard and its functions are used to fix looped free edge with convenient and intuitional operation. Second, for different type defects on the surface mesh, such as bad aspect ratio, overlap elements, T-connect edges and free edges. Moldex3D provides different tools specifically for different needs of defects fixing automatically and manually, so that users can have more flexibly when improving their surface mesh. The last section demonstrates how to simplify the mesh model by removing fillet elements. Using Unfillet Wizard, the thin surface elements can be eliminated automatically by merging with its neighbor elements.



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