Cooling Channel Template

Moldex3D Designer provides users a full set of pre-processing tools to assist users to setup various simulation conditions efficiently. In addition to flexible gate locations and runner types, users can also enjoy the fastest way to build cooling components by defining cooling channel templates with simple steps, saving a great deal of time on reconstructing frequently used or previously designed cooling system.

Please follow the steps given below to create a cooling channel template.

STEP 1.  Start by creating a *.csv file and inputing the data with following settings. 


  • VERSION: template file version.
  • NAME: template name display on Moldex3D Designer user interface
  • CCTYPE: define cavity/core side or slider side
  • CAVITY: along parting direction
  • SLIDER: perpendicular to parting direction


  • ID: path ID
  • VECTOR: path vector
  • LENGTH: path length
  • TYPE: path type
  • LINE: straight line path type


STEP 2. Save the *.csv file to C:\Moldex3D\R11.0\Template\Cooling Channel. (Base on the Moldex3D main programs install path)

STEP 3.  Create a bitmap (*.bmp file) and save with the same path; the figures will be shown on the UI. (Notice: The file name of *.csv and*.bmp must be the same)


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