In the Era of Micro-Learning, the Training Program Featuring High-Tech Virtual CAE Can be a Good Choice

This article is derived from “We don’t want to just revolutionize the training industry; we want to ‘evolutionize’ your way of learning”, authored by Kruse Analysis.

Micro-learning is the tendency now. Recently there has been a big shift away from traditional in-person learning, not only to e-learning, but more specifically to focused-learning and micro-lessons, which can be just 2-4 minutes of content per course. One of the primary reasons that micro-learning is trending is because our attention spans have gotten shorter. From entry-level employees to seasoned professionals, everyone needs to use their time more effectively.

There are many training opportunities for the plastics industry. Moldex3D, the world’s pioneering provider of plastics simulation solutions, offers a range of resources from seminars, courses, webinars to online tutorial videos. Moreover, there is another choice: Kruse Analysis is collaborating with Moldex3D to provide an interactive online program—“Kruse Training” which imparts both foundational and expert knowledge. Kruse Training online lessons are all short enough to hold a learner’s attention.

As the plastics industry moves toward Industry 4.0, technical innovation and new protocols for machine-to-machine and machine-to-central-computer communications will become commonplace. Kruse Training is positioned to ride the wave of Industry 4.0 with “Learning 4.0” innovation alongside the leaders from a broad range of industry disciplines. The “Circle of Knowledge” was developed to create synergies between part designers, mold designers, and senior process engineers. The goal of this knowledge flow is to improve each individual’s understanding of the others’ expertise, resulting in improved product design engineering workflow and productivity.

The state-of-the-art simulation technology of Moldex3D is integrated in Kruse Training materials, assisting trainees to detect and find solutions for molding challenges using advanced scientific methods. The training program contains multiple lessons and quizzes, covering topics such as molding fundamentals, polymer materials, part design, mold design and processing. The multi-level approach makes Kruse Training a valuable tool for a wide array of professionals, from entry-level to experienced engineers, and facilitate an overall understanding of interactions in a real molding environment.

The Kruse Training program has English and Simplified Chinese versions available now. For more information on Kruse Training, please visit:


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