How Learning Moldex3D Changed My Life

– An Interview with Żaneta Łomotowska, CAE Engineer, Dr. Schneider

Customer Profile

  • Name: Żaneta Łomotowska
  • Job Title: Engineer, CAE Team
  • Company: Dr. Schneider Automotive Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Solutions Used: Moldex3D Advanced
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As a family owned company, we produce at several plants in Germany and also internationally in China, Poland, Spain and in the USA – wherever it is of strategic importance to our customers. More than 4,000 employees work around the globe on pioneering ideas, new technologies and our excellent products – with one goal always on their minds: to make the car the best place in the world.


Q: What led you to Moldex3D? And what was your first impression of Moldex3D?

Żaneta Łomotowska: I started using Moldex3D when I was working toward my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology in Bialystok. My first impression of Moldex3D was that it has uncovered the hidden beauty in mechanical engineering — the dynamic and colorful animations and images seemed to me like an artwork. While running an injection molding analysis looks interesting, what interests me most about Moldex3D is that it always leads me to a specific result. In addition to helping me receive the highest score for my school’s academic project, Moldex3D’s analysis results also guide me in achieving part design optimization for my projects at work.

Q: How Moldex3D has helped you land a job at Dr. Schneider?

Żaneta Łomotowska: I got the chance to use Moldex3D again at the Warsaw University of Technology while working toward my Master’s Degree. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to take classes with Mr. Przemyslaw Narowski, a CAE leader and also a Moldex3D expert here in Poland. After attending a few classes, Mr. Narowski found out that I have experience with Moldex3D and he suggested that I should do more advanced simulation cases. Apparently, he saw some potential in me and encouraged me to further develop my professional expertise in this field by incorporating Moldex3D in my Master’s thesis. Later on, Mr. Narowski also offered help in my job application for the CAE engineer position at Dr. Schneider. As a result, I successfully passed the recruitment process and have officially become a member of the CAE Team at Dr. Schneider starting the 1st of July, 2018.

Q: Would you recommend Moldex3D classes to young students who wish to pursue a career like yours?

Żaneta Łomotowska: Honestly I couldn’t recommend it more! Taking Moldex3D classes has played a decisive factor in helping me pursue a career with Dr. Schneider. Working at Dr. Schneider is a dream for many young graduates like me. In my opinion, the engineering simulation for polymer processing is gaining momentum across industries, and I’m confident that learning Moldex3D can help students pursue a promising career.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Żaneta Łomotowska: Looking back on how I’ve become a professional CAE engineer, I can say that it is Moldex3D that gives me a great competitive advantage in my professional life. It has led me to my dream job and also encouraged me to learn from the best and be the best in the future.



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