Moldex3D 2023 Moldifying the Future

on 03/14/2023

Hsinchu, Taiwan — March 15, 2023 — Plastic injection has been occupying a core position in numerous industries. In response to the transformational needs of the high-tech era, CoreTech announced Moldex3D 2023, the latest version of molding analysis software, to seize opportunities with its global customers in the continuously advancing industry. The new generation of Moldex3D focuses on four main concepts: reliability, efficiency, augmentation and liberation. It not only strengthens simulation performance but also provides user-friendly interfaces and various cloud services. The API function can streamline workflow, enhance software and hardware capabilities, achieve digital twins, and seamlessly connect the virtual and the real.

The important updates and highlights of Moldex3D 2023 are as follows:


Continuously expanding software capabilities to enhance analysis accuracy

Moldex3D 2023 continues to improve simulation performance. The most critical factor that affects plastic forming is material properties. The Moldex3D Forming Technology R&D Center has conducted real injection experiments using nearly 400 different materials to optimize parameters in the material library, enhance reliability, and make the results of molding analysis closer to reality.

In terms of molding analysis, Moldex3D 2023 upgrades venting analysis, including compressibility and air temperature calculation. It accurately simulates the temperature and pressure changes of air in the mold cavity during the filling process, allowing users to plan and compare various venting designs, avoiding defects such as short shots and burn marks.

For cooling channel, users can directly set parameters to automatically build baffle and cooling channel mesh, supporting the establishment and simulation of manifold, which can add cooling tube outside the mold to consider the actual influence of the mold temperature controller in simulation, accelerating the efficiency and calculation accuracy of the overall molding analysis.


Faster and more flexible computing, more powerful virtual and real integration

In the era of increasingly popular multi-core computers, using parallel computing to reduce the calculation time of molding analysis can bring great advantages to enterprises. Moldex3D 2023 supports parallel computing on multi-core processors, multiple processors, and clusters, which can not only increase the calculation speed by up to 80%, but also improve the calculation efficiency of wire sweep analysis in IC packaging by nearly 20%, greatly enhancing simulation efficiency.

We also make the cloud platform a powerful tool for enterprise. Moldex3D Cloud-Connect helps users deploying the latest version of Moldex3D on AWS, Azure, and Google within just 40 minutes, and can adjust the calculation scale according to demand, making work easier. In addition, Cloud-Connect also supports automatic on/off functions, allowing enterprises to save up to 72% of costs during the period of timed plans, effectively controlling costs and achieving true on-demand use.

Moldex3D 2023 also strives to meet customers’ demands for virtual and real integration. The Moldex3D iSLM allows enterprises to establish a big data database, effectively manage work assignments and project schedules, and create their own quality indicators to quickly determine product quality. This year, users can search models by uploading CAD files, saving time and efforts on searching and comparing files throughout the database, making knowledge management goals more achievable.

Moldex3D also integrates with injection molding machines from FANUC and Sumitomo. Users can import molding conditions and response curves from the injection molding machine into Moldex3D, allowing the molding software to perform molding analysis using more accurate machine data, and export the optimized injection parameters back to the machine for direct use in trial molding, achieving the goal of connecting simulation software with real-world information.


More New Features and Support to Solve Complex Manufacturing Challenges

To overcome barriers in various complex manufacturing processes, Moldex3D 2023 offers a range of new features. In terms of optics, the latest MCM dual-shot optical simulation function accurately calculates residual stresses and thermal residual stresses for each shot, providing more detailed optical molding parameters for design optimization. It also provides two viewing output options, Isochromatics and Isoclinics, allowing users to intuitively identify simulation results.

For the increasing number of continuous fiber-reinforced layup applications, Moldex3D 2023 supports file formats from LS-DYNA or Abaqus, helping with the calculation of composite material layups and providing more accurate simulation results. Complex processes are no longer challenging.

Assisting customers in converting simulation data into product insights more quickly and easily has always been a critical mission of Moldex3D. The new version of Moldex3D allows users to customize simulation projects and generate reports, comparing all simulation results with the same perspective and conditions, clearly identifying the most suitable molding conditions. Users can also directly adjust the timeline to understand the wavefront flow and changes in temperature and pressure of the molten resin in the mold cavity at each time point.


Liberating workflow and entering a new stage of molding simulation

For a product to go from design to production, it requires multiple rounds of experimentation and verification. How can these steps be automated? With Moldex3D 2023, a new way has emerged. The API feature enables workflows to be processed automatically with just one click. By setting up the system in advance, it can automatically execute high-repetition processes and molding parameter settings, or perform specific analysis tasks, creating a custom automation workflow that is specific to your needs.

Moldex3D 2023 also integrates various cloud resources and proudly introduces its latest cloud platform – Moldiverse. Through this platform, users can access services such as MHC, iMolding, and University, providing an efficient, highly precise, and reliable molding analysis experience. Moldex3D’s commitment is to assist the industry in solving various challenges in plastic molding with the most effective methods.


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