Moldifying the Future

Moldex3D 2023 is about getting “REAL”: Reliability, Efficiency, Augmentation, and Liberation. Enable insight-driven innovation and get a head start in validating design and manufacturability with our latest software and technology.


Enhancing the accuracy of molding analysis, improving solver robustness, expanding the simulation capabilities of various manufacturing processes, and refining material data to improve performance and maximize added value of simulation.

Solver Performance Enhancements

Warpage Verification Enhancement

Various materials have different properties that can affect the results of shrinkage and warpage.

Moldex3D Smart Design and Manufacturing R&D Center used over 400 materials to conduct real injection experiments in the past year, and compared the results of shrinkage, weight, and crystallinity with the simulation results to optimize the material parameters in the material wizard.

Air Effect Prediction

The design of the mold must consider air vents so that the product can be formed smoothly and avoid defects such as short shots and burn marks.

Moldex3D 2023 upgrades the venting analysis, including air compressibility and air temperature, which accurately calculates the temperature and pressure changes of the air in the mold cavity during the filling process, lets users compare various venting plans and find a suitable design.

Comprehensive Cooling Channel Simulation

Flow rate and heat dissipation are the key factors to successful cooling. To deal with a more complicated product design, the design of the cooling system is also more irregular, and sometimes needs a conformal cooling system. So, a precise and complete structure of the cooling system profoundly affects the accuracy of the mold flow analysis.

Moldex3D 2023 makes the geometry and mesh creation of the cooling channel system smoother and more intuitive. Users can directly set cooling channel parameters, which allow the system to automatically create the mesh of baffle and cooling channel and speed up the overall molding analysis.

Now, we support the establishment and simulation of manifold, which can add cooling tubes outside the mold. We also consider the actual influence of the mold temperature controller in simulation, so that the simulation of cooling channel flow rate and heat dissipation will be more accurate.

High Quality Material Data

Enhancing Data Quality and Optimizing User-Friendly Interface

Material properties are critical to achieve reasonable results. With big data analysis, the material data base is more reliable. The brand-new interface with visual application is increasingly user-friendly and easier to compare selected materials. 

High Efficiency

With more powerful mesh repair tools and sprue wizards, you can quickly get the desired results. With the computing deployment capabilities of the cloud platform and a more complete iSLM data management platform, you can make every task more effective with less effort.

Faster Computing Power

Computing Performance Improvement

Multi-core computers are more and more popular in this era. Moldex3D supports multi-core, multi-processor and cluster parallel computing, which allow users to flexibly allocate computing resources and effectively reduce simulation time.

We compared Moldex3D 2022 & 2023 performance: In the case of 1.68 million grids with 8 cores processor, the speed of Enhanced Warp analysis is increased by 50%, and the speed of Annealing analysis is increased by 80%.

In 50,000 wires sweep IC package simulation case, the speed of analysis by Moldex3D 2023 is increased by 75% compared to that by Moldex3D 2022. If we use 16 core parallel computing, the speed of analysis by Moldex3D 2023 is increased by nearly 20 times, which greatly improves the simulation performance.

Expedition of Cloud Computing

Moldex3D Cloud-Connect

With high-performance computing (HPC), we can make good use of those cloud resources to improve the competitiveness of enterprises to a higher level.

The latest Moldex3D Cloud-Connect solution takes only 40 minutes to deploy and install the latest version of Moldex3D on AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms. With the Auto-Scaling function, users can adjust the number of computing nodes and bring higher efficiency to their work.

We also support an Auto-Saving function which can automatically turn on and off compute nodes, allowing enterprises to save up to 72% of the cost with an on-demand plan.

Better Design and Analysis

Moldex3D SYNC

In the product development process, CAD and CAE should cooperate with each other. Cross-departmental collaboration with data sharing, conversion, export and import have become the daily routine of engineers.

Moldex3D SYNC helps to alleviate tedious daily work. It fully integrates CAD and CAE software, supports NX, Creo and Solidworks, allows you to perform molding analyses directly on the CAD software. By reading native geometry files, you can avoid geometry defects and improve mesh quality.

To further improve the efficiency of design optimization, Moldex3D SYNC provides the Design Parameter Optimization (DPS) function, which allows you to set a range of geometric parameters, proceed batch analysis, perform multi-parameter or multi-objective comparisons, present the results in the form of parallel coordinates, and then find the most suitable parameters according to specifications.

sDFM function allows you to customize product quality specification. After performing the analysis, you can directly view the qualify items on SYNC, achieve product design optimization!

Reference Point System

Through molding analysis, we can predict the deformation of the product and judge whether it is within the qualified range. In the past, these data had to be transformed with coordinates of on-site measurement fixtures, so that we could compare simulation results with injection results under the same coordinate reference.

Now, Moldex3D Studio supports the Reference Point System (RPS), which can quickly customize the measurement coordinates according to the actual fixture and measurement position, assisting the development end and quality assurance in trial production. The dimensional data of the finished product can be more intuitively compared with the simulation results, and there is no need to manually convert the coordinates.

Moldex3D iSLM

Data Management Platform for Smart Molding

iSLM is a data management platform for the mold design and plastic molding industries. Users can create a database for simulation projects, track work progress, search and compare different simulation cases on iSLM. The platform offers customized quality interface for users to quickly determine whether a part/mold qualify through certain criteria.

In 2023, users can search models by uploading CAD files, saving time and efforts on searching and comparing files throughout the database.

In addition, we’ve enhanced the Scientific Molding function which combines Moldex3D simulation with real process parameters, injection pressure and part weight to get optimal settings. Take to the field of smart manufacturing!

Smart Manufacturing

Two-way integration of molding simulation and machine production

Establishing an effective connection between molding analysis and the real injection process, whether it is accurately importing the most suitable result parameters into the machine, or substituting machine characteristics into the molding software, has always been our goal.

Moldex3D 2023 integrates FANUC and Sumitomo injection machines, and users can now import the molding conditions and response curves of the injection machines into Moldex3D.The molding software can then use more accurate machine data for analysis, and the optimized the injection parameters are sent back to the machine. This greatly reduces the time for mold testing, achieves the integration of virtual and real processes, and assists enterprises to enter the new field of smart production.

A New Way to Molding Simulation


Moldex3D supports the iMFLUX process, with a unique low constant pressure injection simulation that can help to create products with lower deformation and shorter cycle time.

Through Moldex3D 2023, users can evaluate the benefit before production. We can find the best molding window (such as the optimal injection pressure) based on the simulation results, avoiding high injection pressure, predicting melt flow to optimize the sensor location, and assist subsequent PFA (Process Factor A) control parameter settings to achieve the best injection pressure reduction.

More Efficient Mesh Process

Mesh Quantity Simplification

Use the “Simplify” tool to cut the number of mesh elements while retaining the features of the model. Using the simplified-mesh model in large deformation analysis can greatly reduce the calculation time.


Providing multiple new functions including MCM optical simulation, composite fabric layer simulation, supports more CAD and CAE file formats, addressing various complex challenges in plastic molding.

New Workflow and Supported Formats

More comprehensive optical simulation

Optical parts require a high precision injection molding technology. The key factors such as refractive index, geometry control and optical imaging need to be considered. For thick-optical parts, two-shot molding may be applied to improve product quality and reduce the cycle time of production.

Moldex3D 2023 supports two-shot molding simulation for optical parts, which can accurately calculate the flow-induced residual stress and thermally-induced residual stress of the first shot, so that the second shot can be considered correctly, making it easier to optimize or design changes. In terms of results, a combination of Isochromatic and Isoclinic modes can also be exported for intuitively judging the simulation results.

Fabric Layer Design Optimization

Moldex3D provides more accurate molding analysis results for RTM and SMC to help you manufacture lightweight and functional composite materials.

For increasing applications of continuous fabric layer, Moldex3D 2023 supports LS-DYNA or Abaqus formats to facilitate the fabric layer design of composite materials, and make simulation results more accurate by simplifying the complicated analysis workflow.

Report Customization and Visualization

To judge whether a product is qualified or not, it is necessary to have consistent quality control limits. Reports produced by different people following the same quality control conditions and readability can reduce time and cost.

Now with Moldex3D 2023, you can customize simulation projects, generate reports, compare all simulation results with the same perspective and conditions, and clearly find out the most suitable molding conditions.

We are also making physical quantities of the injection process more intuitive. Users can directly adjust the time axis to obtain a motion image including the melt flow front, temperature and pressure at any time instant.


Construct your own molding steps through more comprehensive API. Unlock a more efficient workflow with iMolding Hub and MHC in Moldiverse.

Moldex3D API

More API Support Functions

The operation of CAE software and the interpretation of simulation results requires technical experts. In the case of limited manpower, using automation can reduce effort, and improve the efficiency of the analysis process.

The latest Moldex3D API helps you to script repetitive operations to repeatable programs. Users can customize the analysis process and adjust parameters to create the most suitable automated workflow.

When processing using DOE and design optimization, whether adjusting any molding parameter or just changing the material, it is necessary to repeat the entire setup to start a new simulation run in the traditional analysis process.

With Moldex3D API, highly repetitive processes and molding parameter settings can be automated and simplified through user-defined parameters in text files. For example, the mesh form (mesh size, number of BLM layers), material and molding conditions can be imported through the API, which can reduce parameter setting time and improve efficiency. At the same time, enterprises can design standardized processes through API to reduce human error to save more time and cost.


Material Hub Cloud (MHC)

MHC leverages the big data of material properties from Moldex3D Material Center that is certificated by ISO 17025. Not only materials, but we also offer a series of management, browsing and filter tools to help enterprise to:

  • Find the right material more efficiently
  • Establish and standardize a common materials list
  • Shorten the time of data delivery and ensure data consistency

The in-house measured data is available for material data fitting to export the curve file for Moldex3D simulation.

iMolding Hub

Building a digital database of your in-house molding machines is a big step to Industry 4.0!

iMolding Hub give users an intuitive interface to create their own machine library and upload information, such as manufacturer and model name. After building a machine profile, users can request a machine characterization service, download the report and characteristics file on the iMolding Hub. Users can also have the most machine comprehensive library to view, edit, and search in anytime, anywhere, regardless of the devices.

Moldex3D University

Moldex3D University creates an exclusive digital learning platform for plastic injection molding, including Moldex3D Plastics e-Learning (MPE), webinar resources, and all new Moldex3D Software Training.

The interactive and professional training content design by Moldex3D experts teaches professional plastic knowledge anywhere and anytime, improving your skills and productivity.

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