Moldex3D eDesignSYNC Integrating PLM Brings Efficiency and Best Solutions to Plastics

on 11/20/2014

November 20, 2014- Hsinchu, Taiwan-Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is becoming more and more important in product development. In order to take advantage of PLM, Core Tech System (Moldex3D) is going to release a new solution with PLM-integrated technology, providing more data for design validation and optimal tooling development. With the value-added PLM-integrated technology, not only the management of simulation models and analysis results becomes easier, the product quality and reliability can be largely enhanced.

Though plastics have clear advantages with regards to weight reduction, lower cost and better quality, simulating its manufacturing processes and performance behaviors poses a significant challenge in terms of technology, turn-around time and reliability. All too often, part manufacturability and quality issues are identified only during the manufacturing phase, which leads to high cost and delays in product revision. However, by changing the part design, one can easily resolve 70% of manufacturing issues effectively. Thus, understanding how plastic fills the product in the early stage can not only avoid possible manufacturing defect, but also reduce cost for trying to improve the outcome by modifying the moldbase.

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for NX, an integrated flow simulation tool with NX, combines Teamcenter, a Siemens PLM system, with Moldex3D technology. This integration enables users to easily detect possible manufacturing defects in their initial design, allowing users to simulate and visualize how plastic is injected to fabricate a plastic part and share valuable simulation data through the product cycle. By keeping the simulation data on Teamcenter, designers, engineers and tool makers can better adjust their tasks with more reliable information. For example, designers will know what kind of design will affect the fabrication and make design changes accordingly; engineers can predict the structural weaknesses caused by the manufacturing processes; tool makers are able to design cooling systems that compensate all the hot spots in the moldbase. Moreover, the data stored in the PLM system can be valuable for part revisions.



The integration allows users to import optimized designs, injection molding analyses into the PLM system simply by saving the files in the working folder. It also empowers product design organizations to evaluate and avoid manufacturing issues earlier as the part is evolving. It combines advanced numerical simulation methods with industrial best practices (gate location, runners, etc.) to guide CAD designers in assessing potential manufacturing issues. Real-time feedback on these problems allows multiple product and process configurations to be rapidly evaluated for system-level optimization and reduce costly engineering changes. This method produces enterprise-level harmony and tangible benefits.

Additionally, eDesignSYNC for NX saves designers’ valuable time in preparing for simulations and validating their design alternatives with intuitive injection molding simulations in NX environment. With eDesignSYNC for NX, users can complete the simulation workflow from component modeling to results displaying in the same NX window, enhancing streamlined integration between Moldex3D and NX.



With the support for slicing and clipping functions, users can visualize analysis results in various directions and better realize quality variations of injection molded plastics. Also, the informative indicator tools will guide users to perform early design optimization more efficiently.

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC and Teamcenter together creates an optimized relationship between product design, simulation and manufacturing processes. By managing simulation data on Teamcenter, users will realize the vertical coordination across different expertises, from design to manufacturing. This will reduce both time to market and revision costs. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for NX along with Teamcenter is the best solution for solving critical mold design issues and molding problems and the most efficient tool for product life management.

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