MTC 2017 Defined the Leading Expert Conference in the Plastics Industry

on 09/28/2017

Hsinchu, Taiwan– September 28, 2017– With more than 230 experts from 25 countries from across the world in attendance, Moldex3D Technology Conference (MTC) 2017 has drawn to a successful end on 22nd September in Milan, Italy. This annual premier event gathered some of the biggest and brightest names of our time for sharing their outstanding simulation practices and solutions. Many attendees stated that MTC 2017 provided an excellent, world-class platform where professionals could exchange their ideas and experience.

Moldex3D would like to thank all attendees for active participation at MTC 2017. Your presence together with your feedback and positive spirit were greatly appreciated and have made this event a great success. We would also extend our gratitude especially to the speakers and long-time customers, Inglass-HRS, SKF, LEGO, and DSM, for offering their most valuable input, and positioning Moldex3D as the pioneer of simulation.

“During this two-day event, lots of positive feedback and the phenomenal results explained why the MTC is one of the highest-rated conferences in the plastics industry. Together we are simulating the future in powerful ways,” stated President of Moldex3D Venny Yang.“Our primary goal of MTC is to connect worldwide top professionals for the advancement of plastic engineering design, analysis and simulation, and I am glad this year’s MTC certainly exceeded our expectations,” said Dannick Deng, Moldex3D Managing Director of EMEA.

As the world’s leading expert conference for plastic manufacturing and engineering, MTC focuses on the real issues that drive the day to day lives of plastic technology specialists, providing the attendees access to valuable insider knowledge and establishing useful contacts in the plastics industry. It’s our honor to bring together all leading-edge experts under one roof for better development in leveraging simulation technologies.

We sincerely hope to see you at MTC 2018!

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