Moldex3D Announced the Winners of 2013 Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award Contest

on 12/16/2013

Dec. 16, 2013-Hsinchu, Taiwan- The 2013 Moldex3D Global Innovation Talent Award has drawn to its exciting conclusion today. For a total of two months, the winning entries in the Business category and Student category were carefully reviewed and selected from 38 finalists. Finalists were chosen from a group of talented engineers and students coming from different countries.

The first place prize in the Business category went to Sheng-Luen Ding, the Principal Engineer from Lite-On Technology. He has won the contest for two years in a row exhibiting outstanding skills and dedication to employing Moldex3D CAE simulation technology. His winning project has successfully identified design problems of bearing housings and verified the modifications needed to achieve the required roundness. The top prize in the Student category was awarded to students from Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Their entry showcased how CAE tools can help promote the green energy trend. This can enhance the concentration efficiency of prism array lenses with injection compression molding simulation capabilities. Winning projects from India, Turkey, Singapore, the USA and other countries also did a good job demonstrating Moldex3D as an effective tool for design verification and optimization.

The Moldex3D Innovation Talent Award Contest started last year. The aim is to explore effective and innovative applications using the capabilities of Moldex3D CAE molding simulation software to address challenges that are crucial to the plastics industry today. Given the great response that the contest received from local businesses and educational institutes, CoreTech System decided to explore innovative CAE users around the world.

“This is the first time the Moldex3D Innovation Talent Award Contest went global, appealing to the worldwide audience with enthusiasm in CAE applications,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System. “We were very pleased with the overall submissions and also impressed by how these participants make a significant contribution towards building better products with Moldex3D.”

Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest and stay tuned with the Molding Innovation Newsletter as each winning entry will be published in the upcoming issues.

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Winners of Business Category

First Prize

  • Optimizing the Roundness of the Bearing Housings
    LiteOn Technology Corporation
    Ding Sheng-Luen, Wang Ru-Hau, Xu Qi-Rong, Lin Chi-Hau, Zhang Chao-Qin

Second Prize

  • Improving Warpage Problems of Electrical Outlets of Four-cavity Molds
    Keihin Engine Management System Co., Ltd
    Ding Xiao-Min, Pan Bi-Dong

Special Prize

  • The Application of Moldex3D in the Development of Cell Phone Shells
    Ho Ling-Ling, Juo Sheng-Chang, Tau Feng, Deng Wei, Jung Yi-Ming
  • Oil Filter Head Warpage Improvement Study using Moldex3D DOE
    AKSEM Plastik Metal Kalip San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti
    Evrim Metin
  • Use of Moldex3D in Improving the Quality of Thermal Management Products
    Delta Group
    Luo Sheng-Hua, Feng Hsiao-Ping
  • Saving Cost and Time on Manufacturing Automotive Inner Fenders with CAE Tools
    Tyler Forbes, Prasad Gunjikar, Thomas Howell, John Zietlow, David Cowan
  • Improving Production Yields of Third Brake Lights with Moldex3D
    TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd
    Jeng Yu-Je, Zheng Yu-Zhe, Qiu Chun-Nan, Zheng Shui-Ji, Cai Fu-Ji
  • The Application of Moldex3D in Developing Car Mounts of Portable Navigation Devices
    Enoch Chen, Adams Chen, Louis Hsueh

Winners of Student Category

First Prize

  • Using Moldex3D to Improve Concentration Efficiency of Injection Molded Prism Array Lenses with Injection Compression Molding
    Taiwan University of Science and Technology
    Hua Jia-Jiun, Li Ruei-Yang

Second Prize

  • Applying Injection Compression Technology in Developing Headlight Lens Molds
    Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
    Yu Ming-Yan, Lin Yan-Ting, Chen Kuen-Li, Chiu Jing-Huei, Shiau Shuen-Hung

Third Prize

  • Affordable High Precision Injection Molded Progressive Addition Lenses
    Ohio State University
    Likai Li

Special Prize

  • The Study of Gas-assisted Injection Molding Applications in Precision Casting Process Resulting in Wall Thickness Variation
    Chung Yuan Christian University
    Liou Guan-Chiun, Lin Wei-Tzuo, Shie Tzung-Shian, Yeh Hsin-Ya
  • Enhancing the Quality of Contact Lens
    Taiwan University of Science and Technology
    Yu Cheng-Fan
  • Flow Ability Analysis
    University Wisconsin Platteville
    Teng Yang, Bryce Blackbourn, Kevon Tabrizi

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