Moldex3D Partnered with Industry Leading Companies at the Molding Innovation Technical Forum, and Received Overwhelming Enthusiasm from Show Attendees at K 2013

on 11/18/2013

November 18, 2013-HsinChu, Taiwan –At this year’s K, Moldex3D was honored to partner with top industry leading companies, and showcase the latest plastic injection molding and simulation technologies. Companies like Synventive and YUDO gave lectures on hot runner technologies and showcased technical collaborative simulation projects with Moldex3D at the Molding Innovation Technical Forum. Other leading companies such as Trexel, PMEfluidtec, and BATZ were also there to give presentations on MuCell® technology and water-assisted technology, etc. The Forum was welcomed by the show attendees, and the feeback was very positive. Many visitors stated that the Forum provided a valuable opportunity and perfect platform where the industry experts and professionals could exchange their ideas and experience with each other.


Moreover, with more than 1,000 visitors, and solution-focused booth presentations on the latest ground-breaking technologies and simulation developments, Moldex3D received overwhelming enthusiastic reviews from industry professionals and show attendees at K 2013. K Show, has indeed been the world’s most important trade fair to date, and will surely be of great significance to the modern plastic and rubber industries.

During this 8-day show, Moldex3D professionals showcased our exciting pioneering simulation features, and demonstrated the capabilities of our software and services. Numerous concrete business enquiries and in-depth collaborative opportunities were discussed throughout the show, this year’s K certainly exceeded our expectations, and the results were phenomenal. “Many of our visitors were pleasantly surprised to see the strong capabilities that Moldex3D’s simulation analysis technologies can bring to them, and were very impressed to learn about what we can do, and how it can be applied to the modern industry, and help with their businesses,” said Mr. Dannick Deng, Managing Director of Moldex3D Europe Region.


Lastly, Moldex3D would like extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to those who visited our booth, to our guest speakers, and to those who joined us at K 2013. It was our pleasure and honor to have you visit our booth. We enjoyed many great conversations with industry professionals and elite players. If it had not been your kind support of our products and services, we would have never been able to achieve success so easily at this year’s K Show. You made this possible for us, and we couldn’t thank you enough!  It is our goal to assist part and mold designers in optimizing their product designs with fast computation and accurate 3D simulation results at every stage of the production. Moldex3D will constantly pursue perfect simulation technology performance.  We really appreciate your valuable feedback and inspiration! We hope to see you again soon!

About CoreTech System (Moldex3D)

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) has been providing the professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed worldwide. Committed to providing advanced technologies and solutions to meet industrial demands, CoreTech System has extended its sales and service network to provide local, immediate, and professional service. CoreTech System presents innovative technology, which helps customers troubleshoot from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product return on investment (ROI). More information can be found at

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