Moldex3D Partners with OPM to Leverage Two Companies’ Technologies in Conformal Cooling Solution

on 11/19/2012

Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 19, 2012 – CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd., the “True 3D” injection molding CAE simulation solution innovator, and OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd., a world leading manufacture in laser sintering control program and conformal cooling application, today announced that they have partnered together to leverage the two companies’ technologies and expertise in conformal cooling process.


In the past few decades, several novel injection molding techniques have been developed in pursuit of better quality and cost savings. Cooling is the most dominant stage in injection molding in terms of quality and cycle time. Among various cooling solutions, conformal cooling has gained importance due to proven success in part quality enhancement and cooling time reduction. However, compared to other conventional cooling techniques, conformal cooling channel design is an intricate and complicated matter, and mold inserts used in a conformal cooling system are more costly. Therefore, designing and verifying an effective conformal cooling system have been critical for its users.
As Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System (Moldex3D) said in an interview, “It is our core mission to listen to our customers, and develop a useful tool to help simulate and validate their product designs and production processes. Applying simulation in conformal cooling process has been highly desirable in the industry. We saw the need in the industry; thus, we developed its simulation technology, and debuted a 3D conformal cooling analysis in Moldex3D R11.0 early this year.”

Striving to improve our simulation capabilities in conformal cooling process, the new partnership of Moldex3D and OPM Laboratory is created to integrate the two companies’ technologies on conformal cooling design and simulation together in hope of developing an easy-to-use and multi-functional interface for conformal cooling users. “With this development, it is anticipated to bring a seamless workflow from design to simulation to the users of conformal cooling, and we are very excited about our partnership with Moldex3D,” said Mr. Kazuho Morimoto, the CEO of OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd. “…I firmly believe that with the alliance with OPM now, our development on conformal cooling simulation technology will be greatly furthered and enhanced…,” Dr. Venny Yang further added.

CoreTech System (Moldex3D) and OPM are jointly establishing a detailed plan and specifications for further development and validations. The enhanced capabilities are expected to be available in the near future.

About CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd.

CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd. has been providing the professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed worldwide. Committed to provide the advanced technologies and solutions for industrial demands, CoreTech System (Moldex3D) has extended the worldwide sales and service network to provide local, immediate and professional service. Nowadays, CoreTech System (Moldex3D) presents the innovation technology, which helps customers troubleshoot from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI. For more information about CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd., please visit or write to

About OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd.

The name OPM expresses the one process manufacture of complicated structures using milling-combined laser metal sintering. Since the time when research on milling-combined laser metal sintering was first conducted, OPM Laboratory, based in Japan, has been performing the important role of advancing the development of this method. With tremendous contributions in laser sintering control technology, OPM was awarded a prestigious “Japanese Manufacturing Award” by Japanese government in 2007. In addition, as a leading organization in research and development of die technology, OPM has dedicated to service, and have been active in the promotion of this die construction method as the industry expands widely. In particular, the private software that is used in the current market is developed by OPM. OPM is constantly trying to improve precision and automation of this technology and to make this method the international standard. For more information on OPM Laboratory, please visit

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