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Project Name: Study of CAE Predictive Analytics on Product Design and Molding of Key Component Molding of PET Blowing Machine Plastic Injection Molded Parts

School: Feng Chia University
By Yi-Yu Ke, Po-Chih Chen, Jia-Bin Ong


In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been reducing material consumption, energy use and shortening production cycles due to the growing environment consciousness. However, many structural plastic parts are CNC-machined, which requires longer production cycles and higher costs, resulting in material waste. In this project, Feng Chia University students aimed to explore the possibility of replacing CNC machining with injection molding to create slider blocks with glass filled nylons (PA66+GF33%) to deliver lightweight, functional and durable parts.


  • To reinforce the mechanical properties of the part
  • To reduce part shrinkage
  • To ensure concentricity in the component


Feng Chia University students used Moldex3D simulation software to predict the effects of reinforced fibers and modified material properties on part shrinkage. In addition, they also used Moldex3D to examine the shrinkage of the holes and validated the results with experimental data. The experimental data had good agreement with the simulation results. With the help of simulation and experimental validation, the part shrinkage was successfully reduced and met needs for stiffness and lightweighting.


  • Reduced shrinkage by 22%
  • Met lightweighting target, reducing weight by 12%
  • Met required structural strength

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It is a great honor and privilege to receive the Special Award in Moldex3D Global Innovative Talent Award 2018. We are pleased, honored and humbled with this meaningful award.

First, we appreciate Moldex3D for organizing such competition, which give us the motivation to keep moving forward in our research field.

In addition, we express our most sincere gratitude to all judges and officers. The recognition and encouragement to our efforts are the driving force for us to continue our work in the future.

Finally, we would like to share the honor and moment with everyone in the research team. Our instructor and the research team had given us lots of suggestions when we face problems in our project. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude for all the valuable and constructive suggestions that we have received from our instructor and the research team.

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