on 02/25/2015

Special Prize
Acer Inc.
Using Design of Experiment (DOE) Analysis to Solve Ink Washout and Stress Issues in Thin-wall Injection Molded Ultrabook Base Cases

In-mold Roller (IMR) technology is widely used in manufacturing ultrabook cases, which can provide scratch-resistance and design flexibility advantages. However, in this case, the thin-wall injection molded base case of the ultrabook had ink wash-out and stress mark issues. Moreover, the base case needed to meet the product specification for a wall thickness of 0.8mm.

Moldex3D Design of Experiment (DOE) analysis was implemented to determine the optimum gate type and processing conditions. Acer used the optimum processing conditions obtained from the DOE analysis to adjust gate and wall thickness designs to avoid ink washout and stress mark issues.


  • Minimized ink washout and stress marks
  • Optimized wall thickness by 48%
  • Reduced product weight by 40%

Software used:

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