on 02/25/2015

First Prize
Chung Yuan Christian University
A Study of the Influences of Processing Parameters and Glass Fiber Material on Part Roundness using Moldex3D

One of the biggest challenges encountered in the camera lens hood production is “warpage.” Warpage is generally caused by the uneven shrinkage of the part. It is believed that if the volumetric shrinkage is consistent throughout the whole part, the roundness value of the part will only become smaller in size instead of resulting in product deformation or warpage. However, controlling a consistent shrinkage volume throughout the whole part is a complex task and not easy to achieve; many factors such as fiber orientation, mold cooling, processing parameters, etc. affect the success of the shrinkage control.

With Moldex3D analyses, Chun Yuan University was able to attain the most optimal processing parameters, as well as, gain a comprehensive understanding of how glass fiber material influences the precision roundness of the part. The accurate simulation results were validated by an actual mold trial and the ultimate goal of improving the precision roundness of the part within the tolerable range could be further achieved.


  • Achieved a balanced fill pattern
  • Optimized the part roundness by 35%

Software used:

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