on 08/03/2017



Special Prize

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

The Study of Product Warpage in Co-injection Molding


In co-injection molding, warpage is strongly associated with its core/skin material ratio. In order to improve product warpage, the team turned to the help of Moldex3D’s MCM solution to gain an in-depth understanding of co-injection molding. The effects of skin/core material ratio, processing parameters, and warpage behavior are investigated further in this study in order to improve product warpage.


Moldex3D’s solution for multi-component molding (MCM) was utilized in this study. Simulation results helped identify the potential problematic areas and pinpoint the crucial factors influencing the product warpage in the early product development stage. The accurate simulation results were further validated by an actual mold-trial. Through Moldex3D simulation analyses and the actual mold-trial results, the team was able to clearly understand the phenomenon of the skin/ core ratio and further concluded that the product warpage could be improved by adjusting the amount of the injected core material, lowering the melt temperature, and reducing the flow rate of the first shot.


  •  Reduced warpage

  • Optimized process parameters

Software used

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