Why ScrewPlus?

Moldex3D ScrewPlus allows user to estimate the general performance of screw design and its performance. It allows users to trace back the features of screw and then update the process induced effects in the screw to enhance the accuracy for further injection molding process. This function assists users to make more comprehensive estimation on the screw design.


What Can Moldex3D ScrewPlus Do?

  • Provide convenient and quick parameter method to create screw geometry
  • Capture the more realistic melting behavior from solid state to melting via screw plasticizing
  • Help users evaluate the screw performance and improve flow analysis accuracy


  • Minimize number of physical experiments


Detailed Analysis Results

 Applicable Industries

  • Injection Molding Industry

Applicable Moldex3D Package

  • Moldex3D eDesign Package
  • Moldex3D Professional Package
  • Moldex3D Advanced Package

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