Moldex3D Machine Characterization Service

Moldex3D Machine Characterization service provides the simulation solutions in order to control the effects of actual machine response. Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a key technology in the Industry 4.0 system. The CPS concept in injection molding should be the integration of molding simulation and injection machines. However, there is still a gap between the theory and actual machine behaviors due to many factors such as mechanical engineering, materials and controller performance. Thus, the integration of the physical world and digital world is an important issue.

Moldex3D collects machine response data based on experimental methods, and users can identify the response parameters of the machines based on the Control Theory for one specific machine of that type (complemented with the information of process condition, material, mold, etc.). Then, applying the data in Moldex3D analysis, Moldex3D Solver will then run analysis according to the actual machine response automatically, making the simulation results more consistent with the reality.

What Moldex3D Machine Characterization Can Help

  • Further enhance the molding simulation accuracy
  • Analyze the response behavior inside injection machine
  • Collect data from each machine for its specific characteristic

How to Use Moldex3D Machine Characterization Service

Step1: Contact your local support for Moldex3D APP, and launch Moldex3D Machine Data Collector function to start an experiment project.

Step2: Follow the instruction in APP to finish the experiment for target machine. Submit the experiment to Moldex3D and wait for receiving the characterization file (*.mmip).

Step3: Apply the machine response file in Moldex3D Filling and Packing simulation so the analysis will transfer the process condition setting to catch the real response and actual injection behavior.

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