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What’s New in Moldex3D R16



Designed to help the plastics industry overcome the most difficult manufacturing challenges, Moldex3D R16 provides users with more powerful simulation capabilities and notable performance improvements to increase the reliability of numerical simulation results. Moldex3D R16 empowers users to reach a new level of efficiency and reliability in plastics simulation, and to create highly productive design-to-analysis workflows to accelerate the pace of product innovations.








Rapid Gating Iteration

There are so many locations that gates can be placed, but which one can provide better flow? The new flow analysis type – Quick Flow –  enables part designers and mold makers to quickly generate and analyze multiple gate iterations to determine the best possible gate location within the shortest amount of time, eliminating/reducing weld lines in the early analysis stage to expedite the design-to-analysis cycle.



[New in R16] Quick Flow Gating Iteration 10 mins
Regular Flow Analysis In-depth Validation and Optimization 156 mins

Complete Mold Analysis

With Moldex3D R16, the ability of Non-matching Mesh Technology has been extended to the entire mold – from part inserts, cooling channels, and mold base to mold inserts and mold plates, automatically generating solid meshes on non-matching faces to reduce the amount of time and effort required to perform an accurate and reliable mold analysis.


New Coupled Viscoelasticity-Flow Analysis

Moldex3D R16 features significant advances in Viscoelasticity-Flow (VE-Flow) Solver, which employs a novel coupling approach to consider the viscoelastic properties of polymers in molding simulation. The new VE-Flow solver can realistically capture viscoelastic flow characteristics, and enable more accurate predictions of warpage and optical properties to attain high precision parts.



Warpage Analysis for Resin Transfer Molding

Moldex3D Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) simulation capabilities have been greatly enhanced in R16 with support for warp analysis of RTM parts and considering draping effect from LS-DYNA to increase simulation accuracy for high-quality RTM parts.

In addition, Moldex3D RTM pre- and post- processing platforms have become more intuitive and user-friendly in R16, enabling users to import draping data directly from LS-DYNA, and define ply groups, boundary conditions and material groups, and visualize the ply orientation on each layer, delivering better structural performance.



Polyurethane (PU) Chemical Foaming Molding

Expanding on existing capabilities, Moldex3D R16 enables further prediction of cell size and cell density, and simulates the mold rotation behavior in the chemical foaming molding process, providing insight into real-world material behaviors to help create high quality polyurethane molded parts.



Simulate Hot Runner Valve Pin Movement

Advanced Hot Runner Analysis has been enhanced by adding support for valve pin movement, to more accurately predict the flow behavior by considering the influences of pin position and velocity. This allows for more precise control of valve pins to prevent flow marks and other cosmetic defects.

For simulating valve gates, new triggers are now available, which are Fill Volume, Timing (after V/P Switch) and Flow Front (by hot runner tip), providing more flexibility and accuracy in simulating the opening/closing of a valve gate.



Enhanced Fiber Orientation Prediction

Moldex3D has deepened its fiber orientation predictive capabilities in R16 in order to provide more accurate and trustworthy simulation results for fiber reinforced plastics. Moldex3D R16 adds a new and patented simulation approach, which combines the Herschel-Bulkley model with yield stress and the Cross-WLF Viscosity model, to ensure more reliable fiber orientation results in the core region with improved prediction accuracy.



Automate Simulation Tasks with Moldex3D API

Moldex3D R16 brings a great level of customization to simulation workflows, allowing the user to pre-define input parameters to ensure simulation consistency. Best of all, Moldex3D API will handle all the heavy lifting by automating repetitive tasks in the simulation process, reducing manual effort and human error.


Expedite Model Preparation and Results Visualization with Streamlined Workflow

Moldex3D Studio adds new capabilities to assist in further streamlining the simulation process, from automatically repairing imported geometry and probing analysis results at specific locations, to generating a completely customized report template and comparing run-to-run results. This eliminates the need to jump from one platform to the next, providing a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.





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