Moldex3D Won the 16th Annual Industrial Technology Advancement Award

on 10/13/2008

Ministry of Economic Affairs, has awarded the 16th annual Industrial Technology Advancement Award—Excellent Corporate Innovation Award to Moldex3D. Moldex3D was voted the best 10 among 800 competing companies, while being the only Software vendor awarded.

The annual major event for Taiwanese high-tech sector—”Technology Night 2008—MOEA’s Joint Awards Presentation Ceremony,” was held on October 3rd at Chinese Petroleum Corporation headquarters in Taipei. Four major awards: the “Extraordinary Innovation Achievements Award,” “Personal Achievements Award,” “Corporate Outstanding Innovation Award” and “Excellent Corporate Innovation Award,” will be presented to the distinguished recipients.

Scoring for the technology awards focuses on the integral Research and Development (R&D) performance of the entire enterprise, including the qualitative and quantitative inputs for R&D, the managerial capability for R&D, and R&D performance.

According to Yin Chi-ming, minister of economic affairs: “Taiwan industries should create unique benefits for their customers and integrate values and innovation through technology…only by making Taiwan the Industrial R&D Center step by step, focusing on the fundamentals, enhancing technology strength, establishing Taiwan as an integrator of globalization and resources, and implementing 『deep plowing Taiwan’ can we engage layout for globalization and face challenges of competition from other parts of the world.”

Committed to provide the most advanced CAE technology and solutions for industrial demands, Moldex3D has extended its support network to provide local, immediate, and professional services. Moldex3D will continue to develop new technologies that would strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwanese industry.


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