Moldex3D Inspired Visitors with 3D Simulation Technology on IPF 2008

on 10/06/2008

The International Plastic Fair (IPF) 2008 was held for 5 days between November 7 and 11, 2008 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture. More than 60,000 visitors attended, making it the most crowded IPF trade show since 1994. The IPF is one of the three largest international plastic fairs in the world with the K show in Europe and the NPE show in the United States, each of which is held alternatively in every third year.

During the IPF, Moldex3D attracted great amount of visitors who wished to learn the newest technology, such as Moldex3D Solid-Optics, 3D transient variotherm process analysis, and parallel computing. During the 5 days trade show, thousands of visitors had come to our booth to study different applications. Yamashita Electric presented RHCM (Rapid Heating Cycle Molding) system, and how it can successfully solve weld line problems. “Moldex3D’s simulation technology not only meets the industrial demands, but it also receives positive feedbacks for its advanced functions. Yamashita Electric is one of the success stories to develope new technology using Moldex3D,” SAEILO Japan Mr. Goto praised.

Moldex3D SpeedPlus also catches the attention. This “Mini Supercomputer Turnkey Solution” can increase the 3D analysis speed 4 to 5 times faster, in other words, a million-element mesh can be done within 1 hour. According to Allen Peng, manager of Marketing Division of Moldex3D, “Moldex3D SpeedPlus increases the analysis speed, and it makes the one-day mold design turn into a reality!” On the last day, Moldex3D held a conference at the International Conference Hall, the topic was on Moldex3D R9.0 capabilities, and hundreds of audience attended. IPF features a variety of plastic related equipment including injection molding machines, raw and subsidiary material, controlling equipment, and etc. Moldex3D will continue to develop new technology to show our deepest appreciation for your support, and we look forward to seeing you during our next occasion.


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