Moldex3D Announced the Official Release of NX Plug-in – Moldex3D eXplorer for NX

on 01/21/2010

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Jan. 21, 2010 – CoreTech System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd., a leading true 3D injection molding simulation innovator, announced today that it has signed a partner agreement with Siemens PLM Software. CoreTech System joins the Siemens Solution Partner PLM Program as a Software & Technology Partner. At the same time, CoreTech System also announced the immediate availability of Moldex3D eXplorer for NX, its first product integrated with NX™ software, the digital product development solution from Siemens PLM Software. The partnership and seamless integration between NX and Moldex3D, is expected to create value for the common users of these two world-class software products.

“This partnership is a new milestone in our vision to bring true 3D plastic injection simulation to the desktop of every plastics engineer,” said Dr. Venny Yang, president of CoreTech System. “As the market is demanding high-function designs with intricate shapes and great variations in wall thickness, true 3D simulations have become more essential than ever. Moldex3D eXplorer for NX is a true 3D integrated tool for NX users to perceive different part design and mold design options during the early stage of the design process. It seeks to provide a user-friendly interface for every user to access Moldex3D’s leading true 3D flow simulation results.”

Time savings:

In the past, designers and mold makers have had to come together to discuss various mold design issues after CAD models are completed. Now, Moldex3D eXplorer for NX can bridge the gap between these two professions because it provides designers the necessary insights on how to produce good quality products. Designers now can check welding line, air trap, flow balance, and decide gate location, gate number, etc. during the design phase. Moldex3D eXplorer for NX can also simulate true 3D flow to provide the inner temperature and pressure of the cavity. Mold makers then can visualize molding requirements to further optimize products.


In addition to time savings, Moldex3D eXplorer for NX is also meant to reduce the training involved in accessing simulation results. NX users can easily setup analyses with only a few clicks in the NX environment. In other words, no additional training, CAD conversion or meshing job is needed.


In terms of performance, Moldex3D eXplorer for NX supports parallel computing technology. It is capable of maximizing efficiency by fully utilizing each core processor of modern CPU architecture. After analyses are done, the report generator then enables users to share reports with the product design team, clients, suppliers, and the molders.

“We are pleased to welcome CoreTech System to our partner program,” said Joan Hirsch, vice president of Product Design Solutions, Siemens PLM Software. “NX is widely used throughout the plastic mold industry for part and tool design, and the integration of Moldex3D eXplorer will create additional value for our mutual customers. Its true 3D parallel simulation kernel will further enhance analysis results for complex plastics parts, especially those with variable wall thickness and complex 3D characteristics.”

A 30-day trial version of Moldex3D eXplorer for NX is available for free download from Moldex3D website at

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Note: NX is a trademark or registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.

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