Moldex3D Accelerates Efforts to Address Manpower Shortage in the US through Nurturing the Next Generation

on 04/09/2024

Hsinchu, Taiwan — April 9, 2024 — Moldex3D, a leading provider of advanced injection molding simulation solutions, has been proactively assisting the plastics processing industry in combating the pervasive issue of manpower shortage across the nation. Amid the backdrop of a pressing need for skilled professionals in the industry, Moldex3D recognizes the critical role of education in shaping the future of the workforce and therefore works hard to facilitate collaboration between industry and academia. As of now, Moldex3D has signed Memoranda of Understanding with several educational institutions, such as University of Tennessee Tickle College of Engineering, University of Toronto, and Western Washington University.

With the goal of equipping students with essential skills and enabling them to address real-industry challenges, Moldex3D has donated academic licenses to educational institutions. The simulation software is then incorporated into school research projects, design projects, and classes, helping students delve into deeper investigation of injection molding, LSR, Compression Molding, Resin Transfer Molding, etc. These partnerships not only provide students with hands-on experience in tackling real-world challenges but also foster the development of innovative solutions to optimize product design and enhance product quality.

To further promote industry-academia collaboration, Moldex3D also works with educational institutions to offer comprehensive training sessions and workshops. This summer, in collaboration with University of Massachusetts Lowell, Moldex3D will hold a seminar — Understanding Injection Molding with Simulation from July 16th to 18th. The seminar aims at providing an overview of the use for thermoplastic injection molding. Whether you are a student, product designer/engineer, industrial designer/engineer, mechanical engineer, or process engineer, you will find this seminar beneficial. For more information and registration, please visit here.

By bridging the gap between academia and industry, Moldex3D aims to cultivate a skilled workforce capable of addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities in today’s competitive landscape. If you have any questions or would like to explore collaboration opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moldex3D Global Educational Collaboration

Moldex3D is committed to developing educational collaborations to empower students with practical industry skills early on, fostering their future success in the workplace. This initiative also aims to benefit companies by saving on labor costs and contributing to overall industry growth.

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