Mr. Wen-Bing Liu & Dr. Jen-An Chang Were Granted Moldex3D Master Certificates for Their Outstanding Industry Contributions

on 11/10/2021

Hsinchu, Taiwan — November 9, 2021 —CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) is pleased to announce that Mr. Wen-Bing Liu and Dr. Jen-An Chang are granted Moldex3D Master Certificates. They both have been dedicated to the plastics engineering and molding analysis promotion for many years, and have significant contribution in talent cultivation.

The Moldex3D Master Certificate is a distinct honor reserved for those who have made outstanding contributions in the field of plastics molding simulation application, plastics engineering, and technology, or in the management of similar activities.

With 30-year experience in plastic molding processing technology counseling, Mr. Wen-Bing Liu has served as a researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, a material measurement supervisor, and a technical consultant for many industry companies. He has obtained lots of patents in Taiwan and the United States for his research on the methods of polymer foaming with supercritical fluids and processing parameter management systems. A total of 12 papers of his personal work and ACER corporate thesis guidance were published in both international and domestic journals; other 18 papers were published in magazines issued by the Association of CAE Molding Technology (ACMT).

Mr. Wen-Bing Liu has assisted in the establishment of Moldex3D’s material theory and industrial application. Cooperating with Moldex3D’s Taiwan and Greater China sales team, he has integrated Moldex3D simulation analysis and machine characteristics, and established many scientific mold-trial models. These models are still widely applied among Moldex3D teams and customers.

Mr. Liu continues to promote technical services in the international plastic engineering industries, assisting large factories in South Korea, Thailand, etc. to complete mold development and achieve effective mass production. He also passes on his practical experience as a lecturer in numerous training courses and seminars in Taiwan and Greater China, making great contributions to talent cultivation.

Dr. Jen-An Chang has expertise in advanced injection molding and 20-year practical experience in both industries and academia. He has more than 20 patents and won the Silver Medal Award of the National Invention and Creation. As a senior consultant for injection molding technology at the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), he assisted 6 manufacturers in Thailand to introduce molding simulation technology and scientific molding methods. One of the counselled manufacturers was awarded the best supplier by the Toyota OEM in Japan after introducing Moldex3D.

Dr. Chang has co-founded ACMT’s Thailand branch to promote Taiwan’s technological achievement. He not only built a bridge for the cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand, but also used Moldex3D simulation technology to assist manufacturers to achieve smart production and digital transformation. At present, he is working on the molding analysis talent training in Thai-Taiwan (BDI) Technological College, and plans to promote the certification program to Thai universities and colleges.

The two experts have contributed to the development and popularization of the polymer processing and molding analysis technology. Moldex3D is very honored to cooperate with them and will continue working together to promote industrial upgrades at home and abroad.


Mr. Wen-Bing Liu

Dr. Jen-An Chang

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