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[FREE eBook] 5 Common Injection Molding Defects And What to Do About Them


Injection molding is considered an experience-based art to many molders due to the lack of understanding of the primary cause of part failure. To fully understand why a part failed requires a more scientific approach to quickly find the root cause and identify applicable solutions.
Our 30-page eBook includes case studies from 6 leading companies in automotive, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, and mold making industries. Their success stories will show you how Moldex3D simulation solutions can provide reliable scientific engineering answers to some of the most common injection molding defects, improving product quality and productivity.

Injection molding defects covered in this eBook include:

  • Warpage
  • Weld Lines and Flow Marks
  • Air Traps
  • Stress Marks
  • Short Shots
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